Building Passionate Communities for Brands

At Amaze, we help brands build passionate communities through great storytelling by our network of celebrity talent, creating premium content and unforgettable brand experiences focused on what your audience cares about most.


Entrepreneurship is not just a passion, it’s an identity. It’s a culture, a mindset and a lifestyle for people committed to building something new. Access the power of the entrepreneur community for your brand with Amaze.


From armchair quarterbacks to weekend warriors and water cooler experts, nothing creates passionate and engaged communities like sports. Sports sparks conversation and is the ultimate “reality show.” Start leveraging the unifying power of sports for your brand.

Music, Arts & Film

Truly great movies, music and art provoke thought, inspire emotion and drive conversation. Maybe that’s why people are so passionate about them. Is your brand ready to be part of the conversation around music, arts & film?

Food & Wine

Food, Wine and Spirits engage the senses, create community and inspire conversation around a shared table. They’re the ultimate combination of global inspiration and local impact. Start making an impact for your brand.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness communities share a passion for positive lifestyle habits, from spiritual and physical well-being, to social, occupational and emotional health. Connect your brand with Amaze’s health & wellness community.