Food, Wine & Spirits

The Food, Wine & Spirits community is inspired by a passion for enjoying and sharing the best the world has to offer, whether it’s a local delicacy, wine from a famed appellation, or spirits created by new wave distillers or one of the world’s fabled brands. We work closely with talented Influencers across food & wine to inspire Amaze Labs’ audio and video streaming content to connect your brand with an engaged community inspired by creativity, innovation and taste.

Amaze Food & Wine Platform

Branded Podcast Series

Working with our exclusive network of top chefs, winemakers and liquor distillers, Amaze connects your brand with “foodie” fan communities and influencers who share a passion for enjoying the best in food and beverages. Engage and attract your brand’s target audience with custom branded audio content inspired by the flavors of the world.

Live Stream Engagement

Engage your audience in real time and align your brand with the people and stories behind today’s most popular food and spirits names. Professionally produced, regularly scheduled streaming video programs engage your community in live conversations with their favorite winemakers and culinary stars.

Share Worthy Experiences

If it’s not on Instagram, did it really happen? Whether it’s a culinary experience with a five star chef, a wine tasting with an award-winning winemaker, or a distillery tour, Amaze creates unforgettable food and wine brand experiences that your consumers will want to share across social media.


John Paul Dejoria

Co-Founder of Patron & Paul Mitchell

There are serial entrepreneurs, then there is billionaire philanthropist John Paul DeJoria, who built Paul Mitchell hair care and premium tequila brand Patron, recently sold to Bacardi for $5 Billion.


Nicolas Jammet

Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer of Sweetgreen

Nicolas Jammet, founder of real food pioneer Sweetgreen, shares how the restaurant industry can navigate through the pandemic and how to create a strategy to rebuild businesses battered by 2020’s perfect economic storm.