Music, Art & Film

When music, art or film buffs talk about the movies, songs or productions that inspire them, they come alive. Access the excitement for your brand with Amaze Media Labs’ audio, live streaming and immersive in-person experiences with influencers across the entertainment world. Engage and align your brand with communities inspired by artists creating amazing work.

Amaze Music, Art & Film Platform

Branded Podcast Series

With Amaze, compelling content, leading personalities and inspiring stories from across the entertainment world play a starring role in your branded podcast series. Through our extensive network of talent spanning the worlds of music, film and art we’ll identify artists and influencers who inspire excitement and align your brand with their communities.

Engaging Live Streams

Live streams offer a unique opportunity for brands to engage and interact in real time with fan communities from across the entertainment world. We work with brands to develop custom live video content on a regular release schedule, inspiring real-time conversation with influencer hosts, guests and your audience - streaming live across multiple social media channels.

Share Worthy Experiences

What would inspire your community to share their excitement about your brand? Private concerts with their favorite band? Exclusive art gallery openings? Or a watch party with actors and writers at a film festival? At Amaze, we complement your content program with brand experiences like these to create “Instagram Worthy” experiences that engage your community.


Michele Ganeless & Alysia Reiner

Former President Comedy Central & Hollywood Actress

Movies and TV shows may be made to entertain, but they’re also a business. Michelle and Alysia take us "behind the scenes" to discuss how movies are made, from the complexities of managing budgets, to marketing and dealing with a wide range of personalities.


Al Roker

TV Journalist NBC, Founder of Production Co. Al Roker Entertainment

Al Roker is an institution. He is the weatherman on NBC’s TODAY Show and co-anchor of the 3rd Hour of TODAY. But on this podcast Al talks about his tireless work ethic and a willingness to take chances which has helped him build one of the most successful production companies in the world.