We Create Passionate Communities For Brands

Your audience is a moving target. They’re self-selecting content that speaks to their interests and skipping or forgetting ads. So how can your brand connect in a more meaningful way?

With Amaze, you can leverage our influencer network to connect your brand with content your audience is passionate about.

We work with leading brands to create custom podcast programs, live streams and brand experiences your community will choose, share and remember.

Branded Podcasts

As producers of “How Success Happens,” one of Entrepreneur Media’s popular podcasts, Amaze has helped entrepreneurial brands like Allbirds Shoes, Warby Parker, KIND Bars, and Birchbox connect their brands with communities that align with their brand values. We partner with brands to create content and experiences that inspire passion and community.

Build Community with Podcasts

Podcasts are a win for brands seeking to connect with passionate communities. With more than half of Americans having tuned into a podcast at least once, and 41% tuning in regularly, podcasts are no longer a niche. They’re an effective way for brands to create a deeper connection with communities of 18 to 45 year old listeners most likely to have a college degree

Turnkey Solution

Amaze delivers brand strategy, audio storytelling, distribution expertise and production partnerships to connect your brand message with listeners. We handle the entire process, from creative conception through delivery and distribution, with experienced professionals, from producers to writers, engineers and sound designers.

Amplify Your Reach

It’s not enough to produce a great podcast. Your Amazing story needs to be heard by the right people. Amaze delivers scale, promotional support and access to podcast influencer networks that target your audience. We help your brand generate millions of highly targeted impressions to ensure your brand message and custom podcast is heard, loved and shared.

Live Streaming

Grow and connect your brand’s thought leaders, messaging and Amazing story with your audience in a more meaningful way with live streaming video. Live streaming engages audiences with the human side of your brand in a format that audiences prefer over traditional TV and video.

Seen & Heard

Amaze live stream podcasts tap into more of your audience's senses with sight as well as sound. Live video streams of each branded podcast episode across LinkedIn Live, Instagram,Twitter, YouTube and Twitch enhance the audio experience and connect your audience with the stories behind your brand.

Drive Real Time Engagement

Amaze live streams encourage your audience to make a date with your brand. We drive audience engagement and participation with hosts and guests through regular production schedules and weekly content release times. And we make those conversations accessible by streaming across your audience’s preferred social media channels.

Maximize Your Reach

Amaze’s unique access to celebrity, sports and lifestyle influencers amplifies your brand message through access to highly engaged social media followings. Harnessing the vast reach of their networks keeps your brand top of mind and connected to what audiences are passionate about throughout the program.

Immersive Experiences

For more than 20 years, Amaze Media Labs has been creating live, immersive experiences and events for some of the world’s leading brands. In fact, we literally wrote the book on creating “Instagram-worthy” experiences that people love, and creating community around people’s passions.

Experience Is Everything

No one is more passionate than sports fans, and creating sports experiences is where we got our start. Since then, we’ve added celebrity and lifestyle experiences to the mix. We know how to create experiences that transform audiences into fans of your brand. We’ll showcase this expertise in our upcoming book, “Brand Experience is Everything” due out in 2021.

Unparalleled Event Execution

From branded Super Bowl parties to the US Open and private concerts to unique culinary events, the Amaze team understands how to create an experience that fosters community around brands. Our team has produced thousands of memorable, celebrity- and lifestyle- driven experiences for many of the world’s leading brands and media companies.

Exclusive Celebrity Access

Experiences for your community with top chefs and wine makers? Check. Fantasy Football leagues and branded events with NFL legends? Check. Retreats at 5-star spas hosted by popular health and wellness influencers, or face time with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs? Check and check. Our exclusive network of celebrities and influencers delivers unforgettable consumer experiences for your brand.

Passionate About Giving Back

Amaze Media Labs is passionate about giving back through philanthropy and social responsibility. We work closely with our brand and influencer partners to promote the corporate social responsibility and charitable programs that matter most to them in all of our content and experiences. A portion of our program proceeds also goes towards the social good programs selected by our clients.